Idaho’s Sturgeon Legacy: A Tale of River Giants


There are many fish in Idaho’s vast waters, but none commands quite the same reverence as the mighty white sturgeon. North America’s largest freshwater fish, the white sturgeon, swims through the history of Idaho like a specter, casting a long shadow over the Snake River and the tranquil C.J. Strike Reservoir.


The saga of the white sturgeon begins thousands of years ago. These ancient fish, whose ancestors date back to the time of the dinosaurs, made their home in the deep, cool waters of the Snake River system. Over millennia, they became the incredible species we see today: hardy, long-lived creatures capable of reaching tremendous sizes.

The Sturgeon and Native American Tribes

The white sturgeon’s tale intersects with human history as Native American tribes made their home along the Snake River. The Shoshone-Bannock, among others, recognized the sturgeon’s importance, making it a cornerstone of their diet. Its significant size and abundance made it a crucial food source, and its presence in tribal life was deeply respected.

Colonial History

As settlers from the East began to colonize the region, they brought with them an insatiable appetite for progress and exploitation. They saw in the sturgeon a resource to be exploited, its meat and eggs a treasure trove to be harvested. This period marked the first significant human-made impact on the sturgeon populations.

The Industrial Era

The industrial age further intensified human impact on the sturgeon population. The caviar industry’s rise in the late 19th and early 20th centuries brought sturgeon to a precarious edge. As demand for caviar soared, so did the pressure on the sturgeon population, leading to significant overfishing and a sharp decline in population.

A Time of Crisis

The mid-20th century marked a crisis point for the white sturgeon. The species’ population was shrinking rapidly due to the combined effects of overfishing, hydroelectric dams, pollution, and other environmental challenges. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Idaho authorities took a significant step towards conservation in 1971, making sturgeon fishing a catch-and-release-only practice. This marked a shift in perception and a commitment to preserving these ancient creatures.

Conservation Efforts

In the decades following this crucial decision, Idaho’s commitment to sturgeon conservation has only grown stronger. Idaho Power and Idaho Fish and Game have established conservation programs to protect and enhance the sturgeon populations throughout the Snake River and C.J. Strike Reservoir. This work, often painstaking and slow, demonstrates a commitment to preserving these ancient river giants for future generations.

Modern-Day Sturgeon Fishing

Today, the pursuit of sturgeon fishing in Idaho continues, albeit with a deeper respect and understanding of these ancient creatures. Anglers are drawn to the challenge of grappling with these river titans, their patience and skill often tested to the limits. The reward is not in the capture but the encounter – a dance with a creature from another age.

Record Sturgeon

The narrative of sturgeon fishing in Idaho continues to evolve, with anglers setting new records. One such event took place on August 5, 2023, when Greg Poulsen of Eagle Mountain, Utah, went sturgeon fishing on Idaho’s C.J. Strike Reservoir. After a grueling battle, Poulsen landed a 10-foot 4-inch behemoth. At 124 inches in length, the colossal sturgeon surpassed the previous record of 119.5 inches, set in 2019, and underlined that while they are exceedingly rare, fish of this size still lurk in these waters.

Looking Ahead

The future of sturgeon fishing in Idaho is a tale yet to be written. It is a story that will be shaped by our actions today and our commitment to the conservation of these remarkable creatures. With continued efforts, we hope to see these ancient fish continue to thrive, bending rods, and creating unforgettable tales for the anglers willing to tangle with a true river monster.


From the Native American tribes who first fished these waters to the modern anglers who continue to test their mettle against these river giants, the story of sturgeon fishing on the Snake River and C.J. Strike Reservoir is a rich tapestry woven into Idaho’s heart. As we continue to marvel at these river giants, work towards their conservation, and experience the thrill of coming face-to-face with them, the legacy of sturgeon fishing in Idaho will continue to flourish.

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